9 Best Friendship Day Gift Ideas for Your Best Buddy

The six letter word FRIEND is a companion for more than sixty years. Friends from school, college, locality, neighborhood, office, etc. form a very special part of our lives and it is our privilege that we can share those words and emotions with them which we cannot share with anyone else. They always hold us when we are downtrodden and keeps our life on the right track always. I guess each and every type of friend deserves the Best friendship day gifts from you because “Harek friend zarurihotahai” (meaning: Every type of friend is required from the famous AIRTEL ad campaign).

See these following gift ideas and shower your friends with the most amazing gifts ever.

  1. A gift box containing chocolates from all around the world is one of the best things to be gifted to a dear friend.
  2. Friendship day means a day to remember all the sweet memories that you crafted with your friends. Take all your best friends to the same old college canteen where you would still find tea and bread omlette at cheap rate. It’s actually well said that the best things in the world are either cheap or priceless.
  3. If your friend is a tea/coffee addict, a personalized coffee mug would be a great gift on the friendship day. Include his signature also on the mug to make it more creative.
  4. A great friendship gift would be a nice friendship day band which you can personalize by getting his autograph in the form of a band or by including beads to formulate his name in the form of a bracelet.
  5. If your best friend is fond of your mom’s culinary skill, call him over lunch or dinner and enjoy the day with him.
  6. For your best friend group you can get a set of shot glasses carrying funny quotes.
  7. Plan a trip with these people to some quiet resort in some hill station and have a fun filled stay away from all hullaballoo of your city-life.
  8. Instead of authentic cakes, you can go for jakes or jar cakes which is the newest addition in the field of innovative cakes. Cakes are baked in jars and presented in the most delicious way for a lovely celebration.
  9. The best friendship day gift would be a sudden visit to your old best friend at his residence or office.

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