Choosing the type of glass for your new windows

A glass is a building material that insulates us from extreme temperatures. It also controls the amount of light and heat that passes through the house. When choosing the right glass for your home, you have to understand the cooling and climate’s heating needs in the area you live. Let’s take a quick look at various types of window glasses and their characteristics. All of these glass types are available from double glazing company Secure A Home Windows in Leicester and offer great security as well as durability.

Clear float glass

This is a virtually colorless glass that offers high light transmission and clarity. It is the type of glass commonly used by many people in their doors and double glazed windows. Clear float glass doesn’t provide any additional performance benefits when it comes to reduction or insulation in solar heat gain. It also shatters and can produce shards of glass that are very dangerous when broken.

Reflective glass

This type of glass provides a greater solar control compared to the standard tinted glass. It is mostly used to create a particular visual appearance. During the manufacturing process, manufacturers apply a metallic coating that creates a high reflective appearance. The glass is available in different colours such as neutral, clear, grey, green, blue and bronze.

Toughened glass

This is a safe glass that has more strength, and when broken, it shatters into smaller pieces. Small particles of broken glass are usually harmless compared to the sharp splinters annealed glass produces when broken. The toughening process this glass undergoes increases its strength while reducing the risks of thermal breakage. There are different kinds of toughened glass like tinted, clear, low E and reflective glass.

Laminated glass

Laminated glass is made of two or more layers of glass that have been bonded with and interlayer. After the lamination process, the glass panels hold together and do not separate even after breaking. This automatically reduces the high risk of causing harm. This is the main reason why it is classified as a safety glass in Grade A. It is possible to select the interlayer so that it can deliver special characteristics in terms of performance like improved security and more insulation properties like sound insulation. Laminated glass can be purchased in various forms like reflective, tinted, clear and low E.

Low E glass

This kind of glass contains a thin metallic coating that can reflect thermal radiation instead of absorbing it. This improves insulation. One can purchase Low E glass in different colours like neutral, clear, blue, grey and green.

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