Features of 14 seater minibus hire Manchester

The 14 seater minibus is an excellent option to travel in the city or for long routes with the family. The vehicle has the comfortable and relaxing environment and the [passenger definitely enjoy the ride. The 14 seater minibus hire manchester provides large space for accommodation. The seats are also spacious that helps the passenger to sit comfortably. The features present in this minibus includes

Tacho card machine

Almost all the vehicles on the rent contain the electronic tacho card system. This is helpful that can calculate the hours and the miles so that the passenger does not face any price issue at the ned of the service. This is the excellent way to monitor the number of miles the passenger traveled whole day. In this way, there is no chance of deceiving, the passenger pays a fair price to the company.

Insurance of the vehicle

The 14 seater minibus hire manchester has complete insurance and the client can hire according to the rules and the regulations of the insurance company. It is good to follow the policy. In the case of any accident, the insurance company pays for any damage.


The 14 seater minibus is the luxury vehicle and provides all the accessories and the facilities that can make the journey relaxing and comfortable. This includes the air conditioning system, ford transit, Peugeot boxer, Citroen relay, and Renault master.

The passenger safety is on the top of the priority, the companies care for the quality, do the risk assessments and management as well as safety inspection. The 14 seater minibus is the safe and comfortable that provides the passenger the satisfactory service and the person riding in the bus enjoy the whole tour. So if the person is willing to travel with the family can prefer the minibus to have a day full of fun.

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