Clen was never a mainstream drug for women apart from athletes and bodybuilders, but it was projected into the limelight by a lot of celeb women especially in the showbiz. They became trendsetters in losing weight after gaining it through pregnancy, childbirth etc. and would be looking stunning within a couple of months. The secret was out and clen was behind the success of getting rid of the excess fat. It was their success mantra fit fab.

Clen has been around for a long time in the fitness world and is used frequently by bodybuilders and athletes alike, though a banned drug in the sporting arena and prescription pill otherwise; it is still procured through various ways, now thankfully online with authentic sites selling quality clen to fitness enthusiasts. Clen has a lot of potentials and this has been tapped by various users for their stack cycles.

Dosage level for women

It was always difficult for women to shed fat despite the change in diet or exercise alone due to the effect of their weight during their lifetime. This was characterised by their hormones fluctuations. Clen was an effective alternative to beat the obvious and get that body back in shape. Women have different tolerance levels than homepage men and same dosage routines cannot be applied to them. The individual perspectives are even more different, hence a practical method of using a very low dosage initially to see how the body reacts in the initial weeks and gradually increasing it to a prescribed dosage for women would be ideal.

This measure will prevent a lot of side effects and it will enable the body to get accustomed to the drug. The first time users, the fitness enthusiasts and hardcore professional users have different clen dosages and cycles too. Be aware of which category you want to take your clen dosage to but be well within the limits. Their potentially fatal repercussions with clen usage.

Veterans using this drug have their body already accustomed to a concoction of drugs and supplements and they are able to surpass the prescribed limits for clen but they still are at risk for potential long-term effects on their vital organs and terminal diseases such as cancer which studies have indicated.

Clen and other steroids play with our natural hormone secreting process and it makes the body do and go beyond certain limits. Hence it is always better to check with the doctor on regular basis to monitor your health and get a go-ahead to continue with the intake of clen. Acclimatising the body and then go with the cycle of usage with the required break will give ample time for your body to heal and not get tricked at the mimicking hormone play in the body and go back its normal course.

Usage of clen

It is quite a popular performance too apart from being a weight loss drug. This stimulant is a very across the sections of users who know that in this competitive world you would have to be better than others to succeed. Previously it was made for the aid of asthmatic patients who had trouble breathing and its thermogenic prowess helped not only the patients but proved to be a boon for fitness personnel too. One could get complete details on the effective usage of clembuterol antes y despues on the internet. This steroid is also a hit among women because of not having the androgenic effect on women which is normally the case with other steroids, this prevented many women to shun steroid usage.

The benefits of clen over other similar products

It is an appetite suppressant along with promoting lean muscle growth to give definite body structure after weight loss. There is the increase in metabolism which definitely increases the burning of fat in the body. Increases muscle endurance, helps you to work out more. The wear and tear of muscles and injury are quickly put n recovery mode.


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