Aniracetam is a nootropic that was developed in Belgium in the year 1970s. This drug belongs to the classification of drugs, called racetams and it has got a similarity in structure like Piracetam. This medication is recognized as an effectual drug that can improve the users’ mental performance. Moreover, this medication increases memory and performs efficiently for improving the learning capacity of human beings. Its positive impacts are proved through many cognitive functions that include memorization, visual perception, concentration, focus, and mental endurance. This drug is also renowned for improving verbal fluidity. The comparison of this medication with Piracetam transforms this medication into more powerful than Piracetam.

This nootropic is also hugely helpful in shielding the users’ brain from adverse outcomes that result from a shortage of oxygen. Additionally, it is also utilized for refining the psychological situation of patients who happened to suffer from the cerebrovascular disease. Based on pharmacological studies, it has been proved that this medication motivates the functions of some neuronal receptors through glutamic acid that makes the memorization process sharp and protects nerve cells or metabotropic receptors. Both the short-term and long-term memory development of users has been noticed in alertness, absent-mindedness, concentration, learning, reasoning, and attention span. For gathering more info, visit

The working mechanism of this drug

Every nootropic compound that gets ingested by people is being recognized as its “process of action”. The mechanism of action of this medication works to make transformations in your body as well as the brain. Users find this drug exclusive as its process of action is more popular in comparison to others who belong to this family. This nootropic excites ampakines in the users’ brain. This mechanism is considered vital for its downstream impacts, like lesser anxiety, improved mood, and lessened depression. The AMPA variation of this medication is responsible for the majority of its benefits.

Proper dosages

This medication is quite unlike Piracetam where you are required to take large doses involving many grams daily. This medication is hugely powerful and due to this, a user is required to take small doses. A common dose involves taking 750mg of this medication two times per day. However, it is vital to remember that this medication peaks in the users’ bloodstream in about 40 minutes after one takes this drug. You have got this liberty to vary your doses at the time of your toughest work sessions. In this way, you can take different doses instead of taking all of it at one time.

There are many novice users who utilize a small dosage of this medication for avoiding the danger of negative side effects. Actually, the generally accepted dosing range is somewhere between 600-3000mg daily. In the form of one clinical drug, the common dosage is either 750mg or it is 1500mg per day. Users split this dosage into 2-3 equal administrations as this drug has got an extremely brief half-life. When you have managed to discover the correct dosage for yourself, you may stack it with other nootropic compounds for increasing its efficiency. More information can be gained regarding this supplement by visiting Nootriment official website.


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