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Our Daily Thought .
Being a Christian is not easy. Whoever said it would be. Through faith and speaking to God, even through the hardtimes, we will see how strong we really are and through prayer how God strengthens us in the areas in which we are weak. We must always remember the purpose, and the reason why Christ did what he did for us. Our very own lives in some way or another have to be tested, otherwise, how would we be able to encourage others in their daily walk with Christ.

Dave P




Helen Le Paul

Taking the Plunge .

Setting and achieving goals is such a rewarding and fulfilling process, yet so many people are happy to bumble along and ‘just see what happens’.

One of my favourite saying is ‘A man planning to go nowhere, normally gets there’

‘Goal setting’ is such a huge subject to write about, so even writing this, I thought about where to start.  So Over the next few months I will do my very best to share some insights with you.


The Hardest part of achieving a goal is taking the courage to begin.


So why then do we procrastinate and allow distractions to stall us?


These distractions then become the excuses for not achieving and we become frustrated.

Could it be that we want 100% assurance that we will be successful, so then we become fearful of failure and allow our doubts to stop us, before we have even started.


I want to encourage you today, to take that first step, which will always be the hardest so here’s some tips:



1. Picture yourself achieving your goal,  and enjoy the emotions ahead of time.

2. Be precise when setting your goal,  there is no room for vagueness, state positively   what it is you want to achieve.

3. Monitor your progress daily to make sure you’re on track

4. Think big, but set yourself an achievable goal.

5. Set yourself a time limit and recognise any likely obstacles, so that you are ready to overcome them on the way.

6. Enjoy the journey not just the end result.

7. Celebrate your achievements.

8. Remember that if your goal seems too big, break the goal down into a step by step plan and be encouraged that each step you take will be bring you closer to your final goal.

9. Write down your goals and keep an account so you can look back on your achievements.

You will be amazed what you can achieve


Helen Le Paul – Accredited Coach (ILM)




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