Office waste disposal for your business

The current environmental conditions require that all companies should ramp up their efforts of going green. Pollution and environmental degradation cause a range of health problems to office workers thus reducing their productivity which is an undesirable situation. Most office wastes are toxic hence a reliable disposal mechanisms should be adopted.

Waste minimization

The most cost-effective and easiest way of managing waste is by not generating it in the first place. The hazardous wastes should not be mixed with non-hazardous ones since once mixed, the whole bunch is considered toxic. Leaks and spills to the floor should be avoided at all cost since this renders the cleaning and scrubbing materials to be hazardous. The waste should be kept in a secure location and inspected regularly. Printing of papers can be minimized by use of computer files, but if need be, both side of the paper should be printed.

Recycling program

An average of 90% of all offices waste can be recycled. Envelopes used in business communication should be reused by just covering up the old address to avoid paper waste. Some mailing companies provide reusable labels that have a discrete message to show that the envelope was reused for environmental purpose. Office workers should be encouraged to use recyclable mugs for coffee and other small plastic components. Electronic gadgets such as digital cameras and flashlights should be tailored to use rechargeable batteries which are cheaper and environment-friendly.

Proper disposal channel

When a business produces waste, it should be stored safely while in the office and transported carefully to the main disposal bin. The habit of people messing up the whole office should be a punishable offense. Authorized waste disposal companies such as Map Waste disposal should be contacted to take the waste and degrade them. Public registers are available for businesses to choose the company that will best handle their waste. They can also transfer the waste themselves or landfill them. An important part of commercial waste disposal is that you get a waste transfer note which is proof that the company have correctly disposed of the waste and it is no longer your responsibility.

Legal responsibilities

Businesses have a duty to;

  • Classify their waste, either toxic or environment-friendly.
  • Register a business if they produce more than 500 kilograms of hazardous waste per annum.
  • Obtain a permit to treat, store, dispose or transport off their waste.
  • Adhere to waste moving rules and regulations.
  • Confirm that the business tasked with managing their waste are rightfully registered.
  • Keep reliable records of measures they have taken regarding their waste.

When an organization does not comply with the requirements, they are liable to a fine or even criminal prosecution.

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