Plan the perfect Christmas holiday with her

Christmas is that happy time of the year when you can get up late in the morning and lean on the day with leisure because there is no bothering morning alarm or pestering boss in the office. All you do is sway into your loved ones arms and see the pass by in every shade of it from yellow in the early morning to black in the night.  The same is your girlfriend’s or wives mind-set and as both of you have got a holiday for some time, why not spend it in an unforgettable manner? Trip, learning languages, cooking, there are so many things that you can do in this holiday. Here is a list of those things:

Order Christmas gifts for wife and wish her a happy Christmas and then fly to some other country or some lesser known town where you can enjoy the silence of serenity. Being with each other and exploring the unknown facades would give you some new lessons of life for sure. You may end up making some great friends and the memory would always be fresh in your mind.


Play with her a game that who decorates the home better. Unleash your creativity in the best way possible to drape the windows with a vibrant curtain, place the vase in corner, or bring out those brass utensils in the dining table. In short use your time to spend with your home together. Take turn each day to decorate the house and call up friends to judge whose work was better. The winner of most number of votes would treat the rest of the people in some fancy restaurant. Isn’t that a great idea?

If you just want to sit and relax and your girlfriend or wife also is in that mood, you must hit the spa centers every alternate day and then come back home read books, eat great food, and watch epic movies, and slowly draw the curtains to the day. This option is not so active or engaging but some holidays are just for pure relaxation. After all your brain also wants to get rid of all calculations!

Learn a new language with her would be a great idea to spend the winter vacation in a creative and knowledgeable way. If your wife or girlfriend is from a different culture, you must lean in to this option totally. Learn the essence of her language, the cultural sprouts, etc. This would give her pure joy and excitement.

If party is in your mind to treat her, do so in a lavish way. Book a resort by the seaside and bring in all your best friends and relatives. The theme and decoration of the party would be something that she loves dearly and that can be anything like books, coffee, music, movies, or food. For example, if coffee is the theme, make sure you serve all varieties of coffee of the world, for movies, ask the guests come in attire of their favorite screen characters. She would never forget this party as the best Christmas gift for her.

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