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Presenter Helen Le Paul

Check out Helen Le Paul with "Heartbeat" every Tuesday from 9pm - 11pm sponsored by Zoe Records


Helen Le Paul


Heartbeat with Helen Le Paul on ugnjamz by Ugnjamz on Mixcloud



Helen is passionate about radio and broadcasting. Her most recent involvement with radio, was firstly in the backgound as Dave P's producer, then his co-presenter before the show was moved till midnight .


Helen started DJing in 1989 and at the time was working at a local commercial radio station. That's when she first discovered her love for radio. Soon after in 1990 she joined Hospital radio. She trained there for 11 years, starting on a magazine style news programme and then moving on to her own specialist music show playing soul, jazz, funk .known


The legendary soul artist Roy Ayres, renowned gospel artist Andre crouch and Ron Kenolly from the US as well as Noel Robinson, one of the UK's favourite worship leaders, were just some of the people she had the pleasure of interviewing. She loves people and says that even when there not well known, everyone has a story to tell.


Utilizing her music and editing skills she also became Head of Production. Producing adverts and jingles and editing interviews.


Helen discovered gospel music after moving to London in 1995, where she joined a gospel singing workshop. She soon after became a Christian, and has been in various groups as a singer and now mainly sings in the praise and worship team in her local church.


Helen has spent her career in media working for magazines, newspapers, commercial radio, TV production and PR. She is now also an accredited life coach and working as a trainer in the media industry.


Eventually Helen would like to be involved in music full time as she recognises music is a powerful tool, and therefore wants to hear inspirational music having positive affect and influence on our society.


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Philippians 4:13(KJV)

I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.

Presenter Dj Gus

"Back2Basics " Live from France. Every Wednesday night from 8pm - 11pm.


DJ Gus


Dwight has been known to try his hand at many skills but to date he still attributes his ability to adapt himself to many situations and to use his God given gift innovatively, to his dad who he still sorely misses.


Dwight has spent years in the creative arts associated with media. He is a seasoned photographer, video and sound engineer, with an avid passion for inspirational gospel music. He was kept busy training the members of the media crews in a number of  church organizations in all aspects of TV and video production until his recent move to France.


A few years ago Dwight expressed an interest in radio presenting and was offered the opportunity to step into this rewarding industry through internet radio.


Dwight has since created his own style and show, and is aiming for the sky. He has moved on to now join Dave P and Helen Le Paul who both have numerous years of experience in media and radio presenting with stations such as Choice FM, Premier and Colourful Radio.


They have built their own live gospel radio station, Urban Gospel Network which speaks for itself. Dwight who has also taken his God given talents to Colourful Radio now brings this same talent to the team at UGN and his show ‘Back2Basics’ airing live every Sunday, Wednesday and Friday. (More details are available on my website and on the UGN Home Page). When not presenting for UGN, Dwight is now busy working on presenting for his own internet station B2B Gospel Radio.


Dwight recognizes this time frame as an opportunity to minister to anyone that is facing the daily demands of work or school and needs a spiritual uplift as they face these challenges. He encourages his listeners to see his shows as a  way to dial in to the awesome power of God through music and chat with other listeners of like mind.


It is for this reason that his show is filled with the variety of urban and inspiration gospel music across several genres, jazz, house, reggae, RnP and a touch of country. His show contains news and reviews and always has a spot for interviews each week with personalities from all walks of life so as to present a broad and balanced spectrum of  life particularly focusing on the issues and challenges  to our personal and spiritual lives.


You have to check out his show, where you will be able to chat with him live while he eases you into and through the working week.


Watch out for Friday nights. This is when the real party begins.  


God is good and continues to open doors. Watch as this ministry grows.


Giving all the honor and praise to His wonderous name.


Dwight Elliott Website

Dwights Facebook


Romans 1:17

"And Jesus said unto them ... , "If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to younder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible to you."

Presenter L.J.B.

"Agape Vibez " with L.J.B. Thursday 7pm - 9pm




Studying media arts film and TV at St Marys Twickenham. Always had a passion for media. Worked with Dave P and Helen in 2006 on the Inspirational show on Sunday mornings at Choice FM.


Engaged in numerous research activities and now and again came online. Deep love for music, been co djing with her father since the age of 14. Loves photography, graphics and film making. Will be bringing the latest music around including the most loved up and coming gospel acts on the UK scene.


She's a people person and loves helping and encouraging others through biblical empowerment.


Has made several short films while experiencing a once in a life time educational experience studying in Pennsylvania in 2008. There Laurelle study 5 subjects across the range of web design, sound, editing, lighting and scriptwriting and photography.


Laurelle keeps herself busy through her photography, graphic design, studies and her commitment in church.


In the near future Laurelle hopes to have her business in design set up and making short films as a freelancer, working from the comfort of her own home.

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Presenter Judith Denton

Details on time coming soon


Judith Denton


Judith began working in the financial industry in 2002 and as a result she has achieved Qualified Mortgage Adviser status and Qualified Financial Adviser status within the UK.

From an early age Judith’s career aspirations was to become a Music/Entertainment Lawyer and she proceeded to study Law at College, University and Law School. After studying in this area she moved to work in the legal field but life for her changed in 2001 along with her passion to stay in the legal industry.

During this change Judith prayed about her career and the answer came through a relative who suggested she find work in the financial industry. Judith was reluctant to make this move but took the advice and went along to her first job interview, got the job and has never looked back.

Judith enjoys her role within the financial industry and has worked for well known high street Building Societies and Banks and continues to gain experience as she helps people to financially prepare for their future and achieve their financial goals.

Her current role as a Senior Financial Adviser consists of advising people on how to prepare for retirement, how to protect themselves and their family and where best to save and invest their money.

The experience Judith has gained within the financial industry has also helped to put her finances in order and begin to achieve her financial goals. As a university student Judith built up debt and continued a life of debt through credit cards and loans after university. Crisis hit her life in 2001 which led to Judith turning to family and the Citizens Advice Bureaux for advice on how to handle her creditors. The advice helped as an interim measure, but it wasn’t until she stepped into the financial industry, saw the bigger picture and put what she was learning into practice in her own life.

From working within the financial industry Judith has a real passion to see financial education taught to young people from the age of 13 – 17, 18 - 24, to adults aged 25 and upwards and couples preparing for marriage. To realize this passion she has set up her own business that goes by the name Financially You (UK).

Judith believes financial education is a route to financial freedom and in joining UGN she will be passing on gems of financial wisdom on her finance show entitled “Toss a Coin”.

This show is set to be interactive as Judith’s aim is to discuss the ‘good’ and ‘bad’ aspects of how to manage our finances

Judith is also no stranger to the airwaves as she has co-presented on Bristol’s FTP (For The People) community radio station in the 80’s and worked alongside gospel radio presenters on BBC Radio Derby whilst she attended university.

PLEASE NOTE: During the show Judith will only be providing GENERAL financial guidance and information. As a listener you should neither act nor refrain from action on the basis of the information you may hear. However, you should always obtain SPECIFIC professional financial advice based on your particular circumstances before taking any action.

This specific professional financial advice can be obtained from Financial Advisors within Banks and Building Societies or you can search for an Independent Financial Advisor via the worldwide web.


Financially You (UK) Facebook Group



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