Tradesman Saver Employer’s Liability Insurance: What You Need to Know

When you’re running a business, most likely you have employed a couple of people. And when you plan to get a public liability insurance for you and your business, or self employed insurance, you are required to have your staff insured too. But this is a great move for you since you are not only protecting your business but also the people who work for you. When one of them gets injured, the last thing you want is to worry if one of them makes a compensation claim.

The Tradesman Saver Employer’s Liability Insurance is your shield for these circumstances. From now on, you don’t have to spend a dime straight from your pocket. Having the Employer’s Liability Insurance as an add-on to your policy, your insurer will be the one who will pay the charges for you. This will be instant-savings for you.

Why You Need to Add The Employer’s Liability Insurance

Now you must understand that the liability insurance for your employees is not an automatic cover. You have to add it to a standard policy if in any case that you need it. So if you have subcontractors,     you are required by the law to have this add-on. Here are the exceptions to this law that you should know of:

  • If you have a Limited Company where you only have one employee who partly owns 50% of the share capital of your business.
  • If your business is NOT a Limited Company where you are the only employee, or you hired close family members only.

            Although at these exceptions, it is not compulsory to have this additional cover, it is still advised to do so just in case something happens that you were not prepared for.

What Does it Cover?

            The standard cover for the Employer’s Liability Instance is £10 million. If you have working partners or temporary staff, you can even add more covers as your optional extension to your existing Employer’s Liability Insurance. The policy is for a maximum of 10 employees. But if you have more, you just have to contact Tradesman Saver and they can arrange a cover for yours.

The Tradesman Saver

            Tradesman Saver is your dependable insurance provider. If you’re looking for cover for Self Employed in UK, they are the people to call. They have been helping over 100,000 business for over 30 years. With just a couple of clicks of your mouse, you can now have you, your business, your employees, your tools and equipment, and even your business contents, the insurance coverage that you’ve been looking for. You just have to ready your documents and have it sent through email and you’re good to go.

            Having a business with a number of people who work for you requires responsibility. You are not only risking yourself but all the workers around you. With Tradesman Saver, you don’t have to worry about all this. Just focus on your job and managing your team, and the company got you covered.


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